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Reseller Questions (F.A.Q.)

Become a reseller of our hosting and our software!

What is a Reseller?
A Reseller is someone who resells our hosting packages to their customers.  Usually, resellers are small web design companies or programmers who have clients that come to them for consulting services. 
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How can I become a reseller?

In order for us to consider you as a reseller, you must have one order in your name at full retail price.  Other sites that you order for other people (your clients) will be sold to you at reseller prices.  Please contact us at sales@chainreactionweb.com for more information about becomming a reseller.

NOTE TO SAL:  i think we also need to explain how we support resellers and their customers and only act on the direct on the customer on file and not the person who owns the site because they are not our direct customer - etc...do you understand what i mean?  this has been in issue in the past and especially when and if the reseller goes out of business.

 also i want to explain somewhere how we handled transfer of ownerships of a site  - i'm putting these notes here so i don't forget them (Sabrina) 

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