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Constant Backups

page_images_backups_173Data on your site is new and ever changing. We know its irreplaceable and back it up every night.

All our hosting solutions come with Triple Plus backup which consist of

  • Redundant Hard Drives in Mirror Raid 5
  • Local daily backup - duration 7 days
  • SAN weekly backup - duration 1 month
  • SAN daily backup of mysql databases - duration 1 month

That means that we can do the following:

  • Restore a file instantly that you accidently deleted or overwrote.
  • Restore your database to any day in the last 30 days
  • Restore any file or folder from the last month
  • Continue uninterupted service if a hard drive fails, with no data loss

Because we know CRE Loaded and web applications we can also do the  following:

  • Restore a specific table of your database (restoring your product table, while leaving your order table intact)
  • Restore corrupted file in your applciation (even if you dont know which one you need restored)
  • Create a live brosweable copy of your site from backup for you to compare against your live site.