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How To's

How to login to your control panel

Login to your Customer Account Center at http://orders.chainreactionweb.com/cp/ from here you can select the System Tab to login to a specific hosting account. You can login to any of your hosting account control panels through the system tab. To choose a different system, click Select Another System link in the left.

How to point additional domains to your Hosting account

Login to your hosting control panel. And select Domain Aliases in the left menu. If you see a Add New Doman Aliase button, then use it to add the domain you wish to add. If you do not see the button, then you are using the max number of additional domains for your plan. If you have the Multisite Hosting plan, then you can assign available domain alias allotments for this hosting account, from your Account pool.

To increase your limits on your account, go to Upgrade My Plan and choose Purchase Resources. Once you place and pay for you increase they will be immediately available for you to use.

VE - How to upgrade your plesk license

Go to Upgrade My Plan and choose Purchase Resources. All VE plans have options for plesk license and add-ons. You can change your plesk license subscription on this upgrade page. Once your order is submitted, our sales staff will be alerted and we will provision it by the next business day.

How to update your credit card details in the billing system.

  1. Login to your account using URL:- https://orders.chainreactionweb.com/cp/. Make sure you use the correct email address and password that was provided to you by CRE Hosting for your billing account. If you need your username and password to the billing system, please email support@chainreactionweb.com
  2. Under Billing management you will see the "Payment Method" Icon. Click on that Icon.
  3. To add Credit card info, click on "New payment Method".
  4. Enter you correct Credit Card number, Expiration date and CCV2 or CVC2 code.
  5. If CVV2 or CVC2 code is not present on card. Make sure that you enable the check box for "Code is not on card"
  6. For Credit Card Billing Address and Phone, if you wish to keep the same contact info then by default the option button is selected as "Use Account address". If you need to update new billing address for Credit card click on option button "New Billing Address" and update the contact details.
  7. Under Payment Method General Data, make sure that you enable the check box for "Allow payment by this payment method" and "Use this payment method for recurring payments".
  8. Verify everything entered is correct and then Click on "OK" button to finalize. You have now successfully updated your billing account.